The Last Survivors is the UK’s most unique and realistic Zombie Survival Experience. Sold exclusively through our website, this zombie experience is not available through online gift sites or available anywhere else…  Are you prepared for the Apocalypse? Will you survive the Zombie Infection? We also cater for Stag parties, Hen parties, Corporate Events and take private bookings throughout the year.

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The Location

1Set in a huge Ex Government Nuclear Bunker 100ft deep underground, it was built in the 1950’s to house over 600 people. Based in Brentwood, Essex the bunker is still fully functioning.

The Experience

2Once you enter the grounds be prepared for anything, stay in your vehicles! Over 2 Hours of story driven zombie combat in total pitch black darkness, with only your torch and your shotgun.

The Zombies

3‘Infected’ zombies hiding in dark tunnels, offices and generator rooms. Watch out for the ‘special infected’ and different types of armoured zombies. You may have to find a bigger gun!

Our Zombie experience has had HUNDREDS of 5 Star reviews, check out the below review section to see what people are saying about the experience.

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The Last Survivors is an action packed zombie survival horror experience. This post apocalyptic zombie event is set in a fully functioning Secret Nuclear Fallout Bunker. The experience will see you not only taking down zombies but collecting video game type collectibles and searching for ever decreasing ammo… Will you survive the zombie infection?

This is an actual Ex Government fully functioning bunker. The Bunker was built in 19 51 to house over 600 people and was decommissioned after the cold war, but still remains in working order. This is no mall or warehouse, once you are underground there is only one way out.

Watch our new Teaser video, for The Last Survivors: Outpost 16 this is only a taster of what to expect in your 2+ hour experience. The footage was shot with our Night Vision cameras, which are also available to hire. Visit our booking page to see available dates.


areyouprepared2 The Last Survivors: Outpost 16 will throw you headfirst into a real life zombie movie/video game set in a Nuclear Fallout bunker.  Once you drive through our front gates, be prepared; this is one zombie survival event you won’t forget! You will enter the grounds after receiving our distress call. You are a group of survivors, soldiers and fighters sent to help Outpost 16, the main research facility of the C.I.D.C. We believe the facility was overrun with infected and the doors were sealed. The distress message was unclear and was cut off abruptly, but something is wrong, terribly wrong. On location for over 2 hours, your team will need to find Dr Logans research, investigate the cause of the breach and make it out alive. But is everything as it seems…

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The ticket price for The Last Survivors is £90, please head over to our Booking page to see our available dates and to make a booking.